May 30, 2017

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Known for its sea turtle population offshore, Barbados features historic homes, sporting events and plenty of golf courses which make it an ideal destination for active travelers. Probably you’ve read about the Mount Gay Rum factory on this Caribbean Island and you can’t wait to be there. This British Territory is characterized by sea temperatures and warm air all year round which means you have all the time to enjoy yourself and have fun.

Visiting this Caribbean island isn’t just about the sun, sea and the soft white sand. You’ll find other incredible things and holiday activities to do. What’s found here covers every taste and interest. Here are some of the great things you must do in Barbados.

St. Nicholas Abbey

Despite the fact that travelers can find rum distilleries such as West Indies Rum and Mount Gay Rum on this Caribbean island, there’s something different about St. Nicholas Abbey. The rum here is distilled in traditional small batches. You’ll fall in love with the historic charm of this rum distillery. There are multiple gardens and orchards to explore as well. If you want to make the most of your trip, consider visiting on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Go Kayaking, surfing and Paddleboarding at the Dover Beach.

If you’re searching for a shoreline with less crowds, Dover Beach is the place to be. According to travelers who have been to this beach, the place is so inviting and relaxed that most of them never explored other beaches on the island. You can enjoy watersports such as jet skiing, windsurfing, and Hobie Cat Sailing. Other activities include kayaking and paddle boarding.

Hunte’s Gardens

Nature lovers can explore the different varieties of plants at the Hunte’s Gardens located about four miles southwest of Bathsheba Beach. Nothing makes the garden more enchanting than watching monkeys and hummingbirds play around. It’s also a good site to have a picnic with your friends.

Harrison’s Cave

The Harrison’s Cave is one of the natural wonders and most popular attractions in the Caribbean islands. You can’t leave Barbados before you get to see the different kinds of calcite deposits and limestone cavern features. Travelers who have been to this site say it’s a must-see attraction for anyone coming to Barbados.

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May 30, 2017



Travelers from all around the world flock the Caribbean to experience the soft white sand and the warm blue waters. Looking at Thailand, on the other hand, you realize there much similarity with the Caribbean. In fact, the peak seasons for these two destinations nearly overlap. Both have warm blue waters, soft white sand, and Monet-worthy sunsets.

The difference between these two destinations only comes in their location and language. Thailand is usually more exotic and less costly while the Caribbean is closer to American travelers and usually more friendly when it comes to the English language. Most of the people who visit the Caribbean use Giant, cruise ships and it’s usually and exciting experience in itself. On the contrary, the transportation in Thailand mainly involves riding on narrow long-tail boats.

When should you Visit?

The peak season for both destinations usually runs between December and March. This is the time when most parts of Europe and North America are shivering. The weather in the Caribbean and Thailand is normally moderate and dry during this time. If you want to enjoy low prices in the Caribbean, consider traveling in late April. However, note that the hurricane season is just around the corner as it starts in early June and ends in November. In Thailand, visiting between June and October won’t be a good idea due to the unimaginable humidity levels and continuous rain. Plan to visit in the months of April and May as it is warmer and the prices are lower.

So, which one between the Caribbean and Thailand offers more options for secluded beaches? Well, you’ll find secluded beaches in some of the Caribbean Islands including Los Roques (Venezuela), St. Martin, and Isla de Providencia in Colombia. However, Thailand has more. You might want to spend some time on Koh Kood, which is one of “Thailand’s last unspoiled islands” according to the Guardian.  The island is located in the Gulf of Thailand. The Travel Channel one time referred to the Koh Lao Liang Island, located on the Andaman side, as one of Thailand’s “best-kept secrets.” These are just some of the secluded islands in Thailand.

When it comes to party spots, the Caribbean seems to take the lead. Travelers can always have parties on the beach on islands such as Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Aruba, the Jamaican town of Negril and Trinidad. Despite the fact that you’ll find fewer party beaches in Thailand, Koh Phangan island has one of the wildest beaches you can find all over the world. The Haad Rin beach is considered the world’s biggest beach party.

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